I provide pro-bono translation work to one South Korean project per year. At the moment, I work exclusively with projects which represent a marginalized community in South Korea. I have worked with the following artists/activists so far:

2018: Myeoneuragi (forthcoming) – An award-winning web comic exposing sexism in South Korean family relations. The author and I are currently discussing digital and paper publication options for the English translation.

2018: Arierang – The Dutch Association for Korean Adoptees. I help translate documents and interpret meetings between adoptees and Korean biological family members.

2017: HaoxOzon – A project documenting queer individuals in Seoul and Beijing. Made by queer artists.

2016: Flash Drives for Freedom – A project which collects donated USB drives, fills with outside information and sends them into North Korea. Created by Buena and the Human Rights Foundation.

2016: NAUH – North Korean human rights’ group. Owned and run by North Korean refugees living in South Korea, and headed by Ji-Seong ho.

2015: “Queer Movie 20“: A coming-of-age drama produced by indie film studio 99films, which focuses on issues surrounding male gay youth. Owned and run by queer artists.


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