I provide the following interpreting services:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
  • Whispering interpreting

I do not currently take simultaneous or phone interpreting jobs.

I’ve worked in the following industries (key industries in bold):

  • Art management & negotiations
  • Family reunions for Korean adoptees
  • Forestry
  • Human rights
  • Manufacturing: Steel, Metals, Factory equipment
  • Real Estate: project/property assessment, valuation
  • Tourism
  • Water management

Full CV and references available upon request.

I charge different fees to for-profit/government and non-profit clients. If the cause is of a humanitarian, artistic, and/or social nature, you can contact me for pro-bono work (preference given to causes related to women’s rights, the LGBT community and immigrant labor), or ask me for a quote on my reduced fees for non-profits (fees depend the cause and size of the organization).


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