Hello 2019 – Hello Myeoneuragi!

Hello 2019 – Hello Myeoneuragi!

This year, I’ll be working with web cartoonist and illustrator Sooshinji on her award-winning Insta-toon, Myeoneuragi.

Myeoneuragi is the virtual diary of Min Sarin, a newlywed South Korean woman. We follow her journey as she faces the hardships of Korean family life. She catches herself doing things she doesn’t usually do – for herself, for her mother, for her family. But she’s somehow started doing them for her husband and his in-laws. Without questioning why.

The project illustrates the embedded nature of patriarchal/sexist practices in South Korean society, problematising social structures and the implicitness of it all.

Myeoneuragi has been the recipient of numerous prizes, among others:

  • 2018: 24 Best Books of the Year by YES24, one of South Korea’s biggest booksellers
  • 2018: Second place, Contents of the Year by Korea Creative Content Agency & Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (03 Dec 2018, Yonhap News)
  • 2018: Gender Equality Award of the Year – Cheonggang Prize (12 Oct 2018, Yonhap News, 02 Nov 2018, NextDaily)
  • 2017: Our Manhwa of Today by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & The Korea Manhwa Contents Agency



  • Let’s keep talking about feminism: Webcomic artist spotlights women in family (16 Jan 2019, Korea Times)
  • Interview, Around Magazine (January 2019, Korean)
  • Interview, 지금만화 (January 2019, Korean)
  • 며느라기를 위한 호칭은 없다 There’s No Name for Myeoneuragi (22 Sept 2018, The Hankyoreh, Korean)
  • Littor, an independent culture magazine published by Mineumsa (Sept 2018, Korean)


2 responses to “Hello 2019 – Hello Myeoneuragi!”

    • Hi Matthias,
      The author has decided to put a pause on the translation project due to her new work “Gone” (which discusses abortion) and her weekly columns. I’ll post updates if I hear anything, but I’m afraid it might be a while. Apologies for the late response.


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